• genna

about leaving

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

i have been infinitely blessed with some amazing people throughout my life. i leave in one week to go on my scariest journey so far. and although leaving is hard and there is anxiety in this change, i am calm. i am calm because of the overwhelming support i have received from everyone around me. you may not know it, but even the smallest interactions mean the world to me. i am so lucky and i am so grateful.

to my friend who learned about my application to yagm and replied, “yup, that seems perfect for you," your words meant more than you know.

and to the friend who congratualated me saying "well that's exactly what you should be doing," your excitement reminded me to celebrate this step.

to my bologna people, thank you for teaching me what it means to serve and challenging me to be humbled in it. thank you for struggling through learning and traveling with me.

to the people who have shared their stories with me about the holy land, thank you for your perspectives and advice.

to the friend who checked in at every step and told me that he was proud of me (among complaints of my leaving), thank you for sticking with me.

to the professor who talked about life with me over coffee, thank you for teaching me to explore.

to the my roommates, thanks for dealing with my messes and schedule as i come and go and always welcoming me home.

to the yagm alumnus who sat with me and shared their experiences, thank you for your vulnerability.

to all the RTLC folks that i shared summers with, thank you for teaching me how to work, love, support and play harder than anyone else i know.

to the people i met just this summer, thanks for jumping into my life even just for a short time.

to the people who graciously donated money to my year, thank you for your amazing generosity.

to my family, thank you for being so strong.

to my faith communities, thank you for teaching me about love and grace.

the only reason i can do what i do is because of the people in my life. you make it easy to go because i know i have an amazing home when i return. a friend recently pointed out to me the difference between leaving and going. to me, as i journey i am “going,” but to those around me i am “leaving.” although it’s just as hard for me to be away from the people i love, i am still the one who is making the choice to go. i have to be my biggest advocate for myself as a traveler, but i am confident in doing so because the people in my life empower me to do so. i am adventurous and independent, but not with out my killer support system. and every time i go, please know that i think about you in all i do. know i’ll creepily keep up with your lives through social media and be rooting for you from wherever i am. i am truly thankful for all of my relationships and i don't always do the best job at caring for them, but know i am always trying. so thank you. all of you. for everything. i don't know what i did to deserve you all.